April 6, 2020
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Help Our Teens Shape Their Future- Must Read

Tell Your Friends

Girl: Please can I use your phone, I want to call my mummy.
Me: Okay. (I dial the number and hand her the phone)
Girl: Walks to a distance where she’s satisfied I can’t hear her conversation.
Girl: Mummy, good evening, how are you?
After so many pleasantries, she said, mummy I want to tell you something, promise me you won’t get angry and you won’t tell Uncle A( her guardian who she currently stays with)

Girl: you promised ohhh
Girl: Smiling, one boy said he likes me.Don’t laugh ohhh.
Mum: must have said a few words to her.
Girl: Promise me you’ll come back so I’ll tell you everything and you won’t tell Uncle A.
Mum: Okay. Who has the phone you’re using to call me?
Girl: One uncle in the church.
Mum: Okay
Girl: I miss you, please come back soon. Okay bye.
Mum: Bye.

Girl: Brings back the phone.
Me: how’s your mum and where is she?
Girl: she’s fine, she’s in Lagos.
Me: I heard your conversation.
Girl: Laughs
Me: I know so many boys have been telling you that they like you
Girl: Yes, starts mentioning different occasions where boys told her how much they like her.
Me: So who’s the boy?
Girl: After struggling sluggishly, it’s a Boy from my school, he finished 2 years ago.
Me: So what class are you in?
Girl: SS 2
Me: where is he now?
Girl: He’s working as a teacher.
I noticed how she smiled and avoided eye contact when she talked about him. She had already entered that innocent LOVE SHIP carrying her to the unknown.

Girl: He said he has plenty lands and he said he’ll marry me, we’ll then travel to Lagos.
Me: I smiled inside my heart.
Girl: She continued dishing out plans they already had.
Me: Has he attended a university?
Girl : No, but he’s working.
Me : How much does he earn every month?
Girl: I don’t know but he’s receiving salary.
Me: If he’s a teacher, he doesn’t earn more than 20k per month
Girl: Thinking 20k is a big money said, it’ll be enough.
Then she starts asking numerous questions that she even won’t let me answer before dropping another one.

To cut the long story short,
I had to advise her
1. As a growing young girl, so many men/ boys will tell you that they like you even when they don’t really mean it.
2. Marriage should not even cross your mind now, because you had a future/ career to build.
3. Your thought pattern will keep increasing as you grow older , so whatever you think you love today may change tomorrow as a result of your thinking pattern.


In the course of our conversation I made lots of observations.
1. She had big dreams and just needed the right guidance. ( She wanted to study Banking and finance so she can own a bank and at the same time study law) Her plan was, if she gets admitted into the university, she’d study for two degrees at the same time. She thought studying banking and finance will give her licence to own a bank.

2. She was ready to support her said husband as she was ready to take up jobs even as a baker so she could support her man.

3. She was from a broken home and never experienced fatherly love even as her dad is still alive. She turns out to hate him so much and I advised her against that.

I guess it’s too long and I couldn’t cover our conversation, but I believe y’all get the point. The reason I shared this is because most of our Teens both male and female need direction and someone to open up to but sometimes either our parents or guardian makes them withhold these information from them. (You need to see how she was begging her mum not to tell her uncle)I was happy tho that she could confide in her mum but it all depends how her mum would handle the case.

Please look out for any Teen around you, help them discover themselves. Don’t ever think they should be able to think like you do. They’re still growing babies, help them shape their future, you may be helping the next big shot of Nigeria.

Thanks to mummy Ifeoma Akwitti Ezinwa who helped shape my life during my Teenage age.


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