April 6, 2020
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How Do I Make New Friends Quickly?

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Here are a few things I did in each place that helped me cope better.
I wish you all the best!

“I observe, I understand, I emulate” Obi Joseph

1. Be polite . Always – People will be curious, and since they’re just kids after all, will ask the darnedest questions. They might even belittle you and your previous school, and make all sorts of rude assumptions, but answer everything with a smile and tactful silence, at worst. Learn to pick your battles – this isn’t home turf, and it’s important you find your bearing before you radically oppose someone.

2. Be nonchalant – Make sure you at least appear self-possessed even when your insides are churning. Do not let yourself be an easy target – there are always a few bullies in every class, who’ll pick on the new kid, and can actually smell fear.
Smile a lot and be enthusiastic when anyone approaches you, and try and be comfortable and engaged with yourself if and when you find nobody talking to you. It’s a phase – it’ll pass.

3. Be proactive – This is a two-fold process. First, identify your strengths and make sure you display them when you join your new class. If you’re good at academic, make sure you ace your tests. If you play basketball well, participate enthusiastically in gym class and give your best performance. Find your niche – people in general will be attracted to you and like-minded people will take you in their fold . Secondly, try and identify a few kids who seem nice, but don’t necessarily have a lot of freinds – then go and talk to them. Ask them for help, and take tips from them about how you can best navigate your new school. Most kids, individually, are very friendly, but people in cliques are normally not very inviting towards new-comers. That’s okay – respect their reserve and be friends with the kids on the fringes .

4. Be patient – People take time to adjust to change, and the larger a group, the longer it’ll take them time to accept you. Don’t be disheartened, and be game to all the incessant queries, polite snubbing, and indifference that characterises the first few days. If you must, approach the class prefect/monitor/president and ask them for help – they’re usually the most well-adjusted kids in a class and will be courteous and cooperative. It’s a new chance for you to set the record straight, and redefine yourself if need be – I know I did, and it worked out fantastically for me.

Source: Quora.

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