April 6, 2020

How Long Should A Victim Of Rape Wait Before Speaking Out

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No matter how long it takes, she must say it and call him out. To rape is to take forcefully what belongs to another. If your thing was taken forcefully and be returned years later, shall you not take it back? So why is a woman raped of her honour not find a way to take back what was taken. An apology, compensation, prison time may do.

There’s no time limit for reporting a crime. If a victim of rape keeps quiet for a long time, it’s only going to be almost impossible to prove the crime, except you have recorded evidence or the perpetrator confesses.

Rape happens every day, especially in countries with weak laws and poor enforcement mechanisms.
The victims suffer unimaginable physical, mental and emotional trauma and they all react differently.

My consolation is that all rapists will suffer the repercussion. If the law doesn’t get you, Karma will.
My prayer for closet rapists and rape apologists; May either you or yours learn from the dear school kept by Experience.

There is always a recompense in life and the sin done against another shall never go unpunished. Never!

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