April 6, 2020
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Important Life Lesson I Learnt From “The Lion King’ Movie

Tell Your Friends

And I will be brief here..

few days ago,I went to see this movie (The Lion King)the new one though..
just wanna share lessons l learnt from the movie


You can’t claim to call someone a friend when there is no close interaction. you only get to talk once in a blue moon…nah that’s awful. you see that part that (Muffaso) Simba’s father had to relate some important info to Simba teaching him all he needed to know and do as the future king.
Yes,so it is in close communication that good edifying secrets are told;you get to know the do’s and dont’s of your relationship with your friends and others.

Even the Bible rightly puts”obedience is better than sacrifice. Had simba listened to his father maybe he (Muffaso) would have lived longer. But no,he wanted to show he was brave,strong. Though you wouldn’t blame him that much, as a kid he was so curious and inquisitive wanting to know all and find out things by himself. In the midst of your curiosity LISTEN AND LEARN. There is always a perfect time to show how brave and strong you can be.

Genuine love was seen between Lola and Simba. Lola was ready and confident to help Simba in the fight for their lovely kingdom.
There is more to love than the kisses and hugs which we see these days all in the name of ‘l love you’.But come and fight for you,they will just flee..
when you see genuine love you will know.

And then Muffaso’s love for his son Simba. After he saved Simba and Lola from the hyena’s in a path which he had warned Simba not to tread, he forgave him .Hmm trust Nigerian parents:after warning you not to do something, you now go and do it,and they now come and save you..sweety you gat chop some strokes first.

The bird Zazu is a loyal friend..(that bird can talk for Africa)anyways you would say he is only doing his job.
Zazu was ever loyal to the Lion family. In the midst of all obstacles and hurdles,he proved himself a loyal friend…so at least have a loyal friend and try to be one too.

I so much love this phrase which means no worries.
Most times in life you shouldn’t be all about worrying about everything. A worry free life is simply the best. It is also good to have nice friends like the squirrel and the buffalo (Timon and Pumba)who would always talk you through your worries.

At a point during the movie, I wished I could just enter the screen and kill that bad guy called Scar damn!he was so evil,full of lies,deceit, jealous, hypocrite all shades of evil was just in him.
Had Simba and Muffaso known how very evil he was,maybe they would have avoided him completely and given him no space to come in.


Yes be brave, bold, strong and courageous. The Queen was sure ready to challenge that evil lion. She never agreed to any of the fallacies he said “She knew her rights and remained firm! to them”.

That’s what I learnt from the Movie, I hope you learn also
Thank you for your time.

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