April 6, 2020
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Stop Calling Your Friends Fake For Not Checking Up On You

Tell Your Friends

Stop calling your friends fake for not checking up on you.

We’ve all grown up.. We are not 17 anymore.

We have responsibilities now and we are trying our best to make out something in life.

Instead of looking for someone to pet you and give you attention like a baby, you can engage in out door activities or keep yourself busy by doing what you love.

I felt I was being sidelined by my friends, they now hangout without me and I was feeling sad until I realized that I wasn’t doing what they were doing. They were all web designers and I stopped blogging, so nothing was actually connecting us again and gradually we started drifting apart. When I designed this blog the friendship was restored immediately.

Sometimes those people you think don’t care about you, have their own big problem they are solving. You can call them to checkup on them and know how they are doing and politely ask “it’s been long I’ve heard from you, hope everything is alright?”.

Chill less, and Hustle more
Nobody forgot you.. We are all busy.

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