April 6, 2020

Why Do You Taunt People For Not Getting Married, When Many Married People Are Unhappy

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It’s absolute trash to taunt someone about being 29 and unmarried when quite a few of you who are married, watch happiness dancing in the garden because it refuses to enter your home.

This is why so many women leap into marriage unsure that it’ll be a safe space for them to land. Nobody wants to be ridiculed but just deep the imbalance, men aren’t ridiculed for being 29 and unmarried.

After you’ve sweated and shouted the lyrics to More Fire Crew “oi” with your boys on the dance floor on your wedding day, what even is marriage to a lot of you?

Just entering into marriage without interrogating the patriarchal nature of the set-up. Basically somebody is taunting you for not being a man’a property yet. “No! It is about union!” Really? Is it?

Being goaded into an arrangement that in the long run doesn’t actually benefit you as a woman. Not really in today’s society. But you enter for love right? So let everyone enter at their own time.

“Look at you, over 30 and not married”

These times the person talking is wondering why sometimes they’re short of breath when sleeping at night not knowing that out of resentment, their partner wakes up and holds their nose closed for 45 seconds for banter.

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