April 6, 2020

Why Many People Stay Broke

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1. Full of Doubt

When you have an idea or a plan, try it out first. No matter how crazy it might seem, try it. Stop doubting and discouraging yourself with negative thoughts. You can do it.

2. Fear of other failed businesses.

You failed in your last business doesn’t mean you will fail in the next one. You should always try to move on and keep trying new things. Don’t lock yourself up in self pity and fear because of what happened in the past, rather keep moving forward.

3. Comfortable with being broke.

Some people are now used to being broke, they now manage life and do little or nothing to improve.

You deserve more, you deserve to travel to that place you’ve been dreaming about, you deserve that nice car and apartment, you deserve that to have a beautiful girlfriend.

Until you get uncomfortable with being broke, you might remain in the same condition forever.

4. Keep looking for proof / results.

It may sound right to make proper research before investing in any business, but sometimes “Opportunity comes but once”. Sometimes you lose interest while looking for results and proofs, and sometimes you might enter the business late ” Bad timing ”

5. Always scared to take risk and always thinking negatively.
Negative thinking is the easiest way to slow down your business and personal goals. You have to be positive always, and take risks. All the world richest men were risk takers and positive thinkers, there’s no successful business man that didn’t take risk.

6. Always waiting for someone else to succeed first before joining.

Waiting for your friend to make it, before joining him is the worst thing you can do to yourself. When he/she finally make it, they might be out of your reach/circle and might not be able to carry you along again.

Most people are waiting for their friends to get rich, when they can be the successes themselves*

The journey of a thousand mile begins with a Step.


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